This beacon is used to locate your lost RC craft. It features an integrated battery and a USB port for charging and programming, and an external output to connect a buzzer or LED.

This beacon is perfect for finding your lost model aircraft. It transmits a signal on three different power levels. With a simple walkie-talkie and a directional antenna, you can locate your model by tracking the strongest signal. Turn it on using the switch on the side, and you're ready to fly. After usage it can be plugged into a USB charger to charge the integrated battery, or it can be charged in-flight by the main flight battery.

When you power on the beacon, it starts transmitting after a delay time. The best delay time is usually your normal flight time. While flying, the beacon does not transmit, which extends battery life. If you have not landed and powered off the beacon after the delay time, it starts transmitting, and you can localize your plane. We pre-program the operating frequency and delay for you, but you can change the delay and operating frequency yourself with the downloadable software or the button on the device.



  • Standalone unit, with its own battery for reliability.
  • Long battery life and low power consumption (twice the battery capacity as V2).
  • Long range, around 2 km with a directional receiver antenna.
  • Configurable with the computer (micro USB) or button interface.
  • Programmable output to connect a buzzer or LED.
  • Operating frequency: 400 - 470MHz
  • Standby current: ~40µA
  • Operating current: ~15mA (1s transmitting every 3s)
  • Very light weight (14.5 grams)
  • Small size (38x27x10mm)

To choose your frequency:

Many walky talkies operate in the PMR446 band, to choose your frequency, you can choose these from the band:

CH1    446.00625
CH2    446.01875
CH3    446.03125
CH4    446.04375
CH5    446.05625
CH6    446.06875
CH7    446.08125
CH8    446.09375

If your walkie-talkie uses a different frequency, you can choose those from 400 up to 470MHz.



Manual: Manual_V3.1.pdf

Software: BeaconSoftware_V3.1zip

Programming process via button: Beaconprogprocess.pdf


Note: USB cable not included, it is available here

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Beacon V3

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